Getaway: Perhentian, the top 10 Beaches on the planet

Exploring the wonders of Perhentian Island

Located approximately 19 kilometres on the east shoreline of Malaysia, is the beautiful Perhentian Island offering the best of Mother Nature’s beauty. Perhentian Island is divided into two distinct islands known as Perhentian Besar (Large Island) which is calm and filled with picturesque resorts along the beach and Perhentian Kecil (Small Island) which is pretty small but popular among the backpackers.

Depending on your budget, Perhentian Island can be reached via bus, flight or car to the Kuala Besut Jetty. It takes about 8 hours to reach the jetty by bus or car and 2 hours by flight. Upon reaching the jetty you will be transported to your preferred choice of island (Kecil or Besar) on a bumpy speedboat ride which takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the island(make sure you hold on tight to the boat).

As the speed boat slowly arrives at the island you will be mesmerised by the beautiful white silk like sandy beach, crystal clear waters and the hot welcoming sun of Perhentian Island. A paradise worth rocking your hot new swimsuits paired with a sun hat and those tanning lotions for!

1. Getting lost along the beach

A stroll along the beach enjoying the soft sands below your feet, is how you can get sun kissed and sport those dreamy tans! Swim at the beach in front of your resort to catch a glimpse of baby sharks swimming right under you or maybe with you.

2. Snorkelling points

One of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful underwaters of Perhentian Island is through your snorkelling trips. Book a snorkelling trip from your resort or hut along the island to explore the amazing underwater inhabitants and colourful corals. There are many snorkelling points around Perhentian island such as the;

  • Shark point (home to some of the NOT SO nasty sharks).
  • Marine park (home to various species of fishes). One of the places where you can go around finding Nemo! 😀
  • Turtle point (home to the fast swimming turtles). Where you will realize that turtles are not the slowest creature when they are underwater.
  • Coral reef (Home to various colours and sizes of corals)
3. Scuba Diving

Perhentian Island offers one of the cheapest destinations for getting your diving license. If you already have a diving license, then grab the opportunity to explore the wonderful underwater scenery and inhabitants. You will never be disappointed by the breath taking view of the underwater nature.

4. A night under the twinkling stars

If you are a fan of the word ‘challenging’, then it’s a must to try the sea taxi transfer from Perhentian Besar to Perhentian Kecil at night, whereby, you can experience racing through the mighty waves accompanied only by the stars above you. Once you reach Perhentian Kecil, you will have the feeling of being in Hawaii as you get to watch the fire performance along the famous Long Beach.

5. Season to explore the unspoiled charm of Perhentian Island

Get the best of your summer vacation at Perhentian Island from April to September where you do not need to worry about the monsoon wind and grey clouds overcasting the bright sun.  During the month of October till March, most of the resorts in Perhentian Island will be closed due to thunderstorms and heavy rain.

  1. Abu Musa 7 years ago

    I wish I will visit it my best visit Malaysia

  2. Sepideh 7 years ago

    I was in Perhentian Island for 4days in 2013. Each island was beautiful with very nice local people! 🙂 at that time I was very busy with studying and unfortunately I didn’t have time for travel to other islands.. but I know Malaysia have a lot awesome islands 😍
    According to my experience as a three star diver I can advise you to be sure that you can see the paradise and many wonderful species of sea creatures in there! 🙆🏼 Can’t wait to dive again in there 💙

  3. rehman IQ 6 years ago

    I wish i will visit it soon

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