The Hacked Life: Get By With a Few Tricks

Experts: “Malaysia so hot lah! Kenot tahana lah!”
For the noobs: “This country is so hot. It rains and it’s still hot and I can’t deal!”
Not to worry my children. I have life hacks for you. Oh what would we do without hacking life and enjoying the light that seeps in from the darkness? I know you don’t like to read so the pictures will talk to you.
No space in ya drawer? Follow instructions on the right carefully. Thenx. Happy folding.

This one is one I live by. I love to study and play music at the same time. However, I don’t like to study with earphones because I end up singing instead of reading. Plus, my phone can be frustratingly quiet. If you feel the same way, you can use an empty glass and place your phone into it speaker-end first. It’s not earth shattering sound but it will definitely amplify the sound.

Speaking of phones….gotta charge em like all the time right? But them cables (especially the iphone ones) are infamous for breaking. To lengthen the life of your charger, just cover the end of the charger with a spring from an unused pen (used can also lah).

Yeah, Malaysia is hot. What you expect? Malaysia enjoys a tropical monsoon climate. It’s pretty much hot and humid. We love it when it rains too BUT it gets HOT!!!! WHY? PLEASE LAH!
To make it worse, you can’t afford to run the AC at home for the whole day (bro, some of us don’t’ even have AC at home). So what you do is: get couple of frozen water bottles and place them in front of your desk fan and your room will CHILL. True story, I swear.

Do you ever take a look at that pile of books and suddenly become overwhelmed? You should CHUNK!
Chunking is how you take your study material and organize it into smaller and more convenient chunks of information. You will be able to process the notes much better when you focus on each chunk.

So try these five hacks and see if they change a bit of your day. More to come.


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