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So finally you are in university/college and it’s nothing like high school is it? For some, this stage in life is a nightmare (more like studying in hell), whilst for others it is somewhat manageable; if not heaven on earth. The pressure from your academics and the amount of workload can make you feel like giving up and taking a totally different course. Well, maybe it’s not just the demand from your academics that’s driving you to the edge and making you consider to change your course or institution. Perhaps your institution has not turned out to be the heaven you thought it would be (story of my university life: *rolls eyes*), or you are not getting along with your classmates and housemates as well as you would want to, or the course you are taking is not offering you the kind of experience you want. All these factors can make you wonder if all these problems can go away if you were studying at a different institution.

If you are considering changing institution right now, then best believe you are not alone on that. I have been there before too. But before you go ahead and change schools, I advise you to give some thought to these transferring tips from my experience:

  1. Avoid rash/emotional decisions

I completed my studies in the same institution which at one point I felt should have just been shut down. During one of my semester breaks, I decided to sit down and check what exactly it is I despised about the institution. I weighed both the pros and cons of being there and to my surprise, the pros outweighed the cons. Yes, there were things I totally didn’t like about the institution, but I figured that my destiny is in my hands and not someone else’s. You have to understand that a bad day or a bad week does not mean that your whole study period in that institution is going to be awful. Always remember that tomorrow is going to be a better day if you take things one day at a time.

  1. Study for at least one full academic year in that institution

This is a challenge for most people, especially those who have never been away from home or their families. Homesickness can make it hard to commit to staying longer. But I urge you to study for at least one full academic year in that institution, before deciding to change an institution. Get the feel of what it is like to be in college or university. When I made this decision as a freshman, I ended up making friends from different nationalities and races – friends I did not want to lose at all.

Studying for a full academic year allows you to experience the academic and cultural setting of your institution. However, if your situation is extremely bad then do what you need to in order to make life easier for you. Just make sure you are transferring for the right reasons.

  1. Talk to your institution representatives

Before making a dash for it, take time to talk to your institution’s representatives. It is better to get a second opinion, and chances are your school already has plans in place to resolve the issues you are facing. Consult your mentor, or dean before making a final decision.

So you have gone through the above steps and still think that transferring is the best option for you. Well, transferring is not always attributed to emotions. It could be that you have completed one level of your studies and want to progress at a different institution. We still wish you the best and hope that the next place will indeed be the best for you. Don’t be like a frog, hopping from one institution or faculty to another. Make a decision and stick with it.

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    Thank you so much for these pieces of information.

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    Thank you EMGS.. Good information

  4. My approval still been pending since 2 weeks now

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    On what ground was it rejected? Is it a New application or a progression?

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    Oh, I thought you were already on 35%. What the reason they rejected it at 15%?

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