We’ve added new features to the mobile app!!

So we’ve listened to all the feedback that you guys have been giving us and we’re pleased to announce that we’re launching a new and improved EMGS Mobile App. Some of the features will also tie in to the EMGS Website.

Here’s what’s new:

  1. We made some performance upgrades and bug fixes
  2. We fixed bug which reloaded EMGS Connect each time the device rotated
  3. Application Tracker percentage explanations are now included in the app

Click on the new icon below the application percentage to see what the percentage means, the approximate amount of time you should wait, and what you should do next.

  1. Application Tracker percentages are clearer. You’ll notice that we’ve changed some numbers in the application percentages. Some application statuses have been removed to make it clear exactly where the process is, and what’s the next stage of processing. We’re also adding in the approximate timelines for each status.There will be some confusion because some percentages will not be as you are used to; but don’t worry, the application progress remains unchanged and has not been delayed or rejected. For example, instead of having two different percentages for VAL Approved in the Immigration system (60%) and VAL ready for collection (70%), we have combined both and will notify only when the VAL is ready for courier/collection (70%).As usual, we will notify you if any errors or corrections are required.
  1. We fixed the notification switch issue. You can now turn off notifications for VAL application, EMGS Connect, or both.

The mobile app is available in the Google Play store now and will be available in iOS app store shortly. Go ahead and download the updated Mobile App.



  1. Omer Ajdini 7 years ago

    My percentage is 100 but it is red. My VAL was rejected because I didn’t submit the old passport with the stamped visa page which wasn’t even required in the application documents.
    I am very frustrated.

  2. Chinedu Solomon 7 years ago

    Its well let the changes be for the good of people

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