Healthy mind, healthy body

Cough! Cough! Sneeze! Sneeze! These sounds are never a melody to the ear. We all know that hospitals and clinics are not a fun place to be at. Unless you are a junky for pain killers, there is no fun in the sting of an injection or downing numerous tablets to feel better. The rapid change in lifestyle all over the world, and the increased levels of laziness have resulted in a lot of people succumbing to various diseases. People have become so invested in their careers and studies that they forget to take care of their bodies. Most of these diseases are caused by poor sanitation, improper eating habits, lack of exercise (yes couch potato laziness causes diseases too), and many other factors. So now that you are in a foreign land, how do you stay healthy and focused on your studies?

Water is not only for showering

Malaysia is a hot and humid country which calls for individuals to take in more water. Stay hydrated at all times, especially if you are going to engage in a lot of outdoor activities. Don’t substitute water with fizzy drinks and those other drinks. Take plenty of water daily because water is the natural remedy for all.

An apple a day keeps the Doctor away

Add fruits to your daily meals. Take advantage of the night market and purchase fruits in bulk at a lower price. You won’t regret it.

Fast food is not healthy

Inasmuch as fast food tastes great, it poses a greater threat to your health. The amount of fat in these processed foods are a risk to your heart and can trigger various diseases including diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Buy groceries and prepare your own meals, instead of snacking on junk food or fast food. If you want to eat out then eat from clean eateries. You will thank me later.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Be sure to keep your surroundings clean at all times. No one likes the stench of decaying garbage. Ensure to empty your garbage bags daily. Cleaning drains and throwing away garbage prevents mosquitoes from invading your home. One of the common diseases in Malaysia is Dengue Fever which is caused by the aedes mosquito. Such a small thing can cause such a big issue in your body.

Cleaning your home and furniture helps stop dust from accumulating which can cause illnesses like flu and cough. Sweep the dirt away. During the rainy season it is only right that you buy an umbrella or stay in doors to avoid being soaked in the rain and getting a nasty flu.

Not only is cleanliness about your environment, but you as an individual need to stay clean. We don’t want to be choking on the smell of sweat or dirty clothes. Take a shower daily, wash your clothes, brush your teeth and make sure you change your inner wear daily.

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Sleeping is not an exercise

Sleeping is good for the body, but sleeping for more than 8 hours is certainly not doing your body any justice. Get enough sleep but don’t over sleep. Stay fit by going to the gym or taking up sporting activities to burn those calories and keep your heart healthy. Lifting up a fork or spoon to feed your stomach does not count as an exercise either. Hit the gym and lift weights instead.

Go green

Vegetables are a must in your diet. Make sure you include vegetables in your daily diet.

Don’t be a chimney

Cut down on the cigarettes before you smoke your health away. Be mindful of those who do not smoke and smoke only in smoking designated areas.

Having said this we hope that you will take care of your body properly. Remember you may not be able to control what goes on around you, but you surely can control what you put in your body. So remember to:

Get enough sleep

  Eat healthy

              Drink Water

                               Exercise a lot

                                       Live clean




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