• Diyar Gardi posted an update 6 years, 2 months ago

    Hey brother @usamanaseer
    First congratulation again
    Could pls tell me what was your rejection reason?

    • I didn’t submitted full passport means all pages I appeal and waited 1 and half month and got approved

      • In that case I already know my case… I also didn’t submit passport full page but not yet confirmed by the immigration… it was rejected on 30/11/2017… still no reasons… how long should I wait??? My class will be starting 27/1/2018… do you think I will get before that?

      • @ Usama: Congratulation…Well, you have to submit all the pages of passport including the blank pages? but in emgs website it is written that we don’t need to send any blank page of passport…confusing!!

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