• If you have been issued a VAL for your current university, you need to ask your university to cancel your admission and issue you a RELEASE LETTER. Then submit this letter to your new uiversity ao they can start processing your visa/student pass accordingly.

      • Nasya replied 7 years ago

        Hey Farzana. You should check out EMGS website. Go to How to Apply > Existing students > Changing Your Course or Institution (Variation). They have all the info and guide. Hope this helps! 🙂

      • thanks

    • @Farzana Trisha the link on EMGS website gives less details than what I had provided you earlier.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

    • @farzana_1 it’s an easy process I did it before and agent refunded me (1000 RM) after I finished the process, I can connect you if you want to.
      1-GET offer letter (eligibility) from new University(can get in 1day for FREE ) if agent does it for you.
      2-Submit (offer letter)to your current university and deferral from the current University
      3-current university will issue you a RELEASE LETTER(1-7 days) no outstanding balance for University
      4-current University will shorten the visa (7days -up to 3weeks)+ and give you RELEASE LETTER
      5-send the RELEASE LETTER to new University
      6-Pay for visa application+ Admission offer letter to new University (RM 2700-3500 )
      7-new university will start the EMGS application
      8-Your visa will be issued under new University
      9-done,and good luck new in new uni

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