• @k1ng-of ,joy
      1-original certificates “should always be with you” University just take photocopy only after verifying the document.
      2-am sorry to hear that, 3 months is not normal at all
      3-No, just proceed to different University
      4-i have registered my friend through agent in less than 2 months he was able to get visa and stat classes at SEGI University(i can help you For Free )
      5- My suggestion is to choose different university if you want to (i can help to get Free admission offer letter any University).

      • Joy replied 7 years ago

        The problem is they are not replying or picking up my call properly. My certificates are with them in the university. How can i get them back? And how can i cancel my application from emgs?

        • @k1ng-of
          1-may I know wich university or college?
          2- why did you give your original certificate in the first place?
          3-If your certificate is from the current university. you can’t take it unless you finish or defer from University, otherwise, you just ask the person who took it from you to handed it back to you

          • if you want to speed up the process, just call and ask them you want to defer from University, ask for defer forum and “ask for your original certificate”.

            4- to transfer from one university to another, it’s simple process I did it before I can help you with the whole process if you want to for Free

    • Hi Joy,

      We are unable to view the image you have posted as it is blurry. Referring to your enquiry, we would advice you to get further clarification with regards to your original certificates. Please be informed that you may also send us an email at enquiry(at) with attachment of the image which you posted along with your enquiry in order for us to assist you better.

      Thank you and have a nice day.

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