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      Do you need any assistance?

    • Nur, you don’t have to go to the embassy anymore.
      You can apply for it online at your comfort zone.
      Within 4 days you will get it.
      So go online and search for (official Malaysia visa) then register and proceed.Good luck

      • Hi brother, this is the one posted in the MY Embassy here in the Philippines. All applicants will be required to submit a copy of their application online. Once checked and approved, an appointment will be given for physical submission.

        Please see portal for visa submission:

    • Ok Mr Nur,
      I understand what you are saying.
      Your situation here is that you have the option to apply online or visit the embassy which ever one you choose is the same. But the online one is faster and it is still the same Malaysian embassy in Philippines that will attend to youinline at (official Malaysia visa)
      Contact me for more details on WhatsApp ( +234 nine zero six eight four one nine six eight eight.

    • online only here in the Philippines. they do not accept walk in and yet they do not provide any acknowledgment or confirmation of receipt of initial documents. until now, they haven’t provided me an update or a date of appointment for submission of hard copy of documents.

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