• Olowo Emmanuel Opeyemi posted an update 6 years, 3 months ago

    @chioma07 I see you talk about an NDELA letter why would I need that please???

    • If you have been to Malaysia before, you don’t need NDLEA clearance letter. It’s only those that haven’t been to Malaysia before that needs it

    • I think there is confusion here cos VFS which is the agency that is handling it for the Malaysia embassy said NDLEA is compulsory for Diploma and Certificate programmes alone, they didnt include those hoing for degree. Check their website for more info.

      • I checked their website, the documents required didn’t even mention the clearance certificate. But I did wrote the embassy last month, they said the certificate is compulsory for certificate, diploma and degree, excluding masters. Still confused, tried calling vfs global but can’t seem to connect

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