• It should be with pure white background and take care of photo file size also.

    • yes

      • Please note that the photo submitted does not meet the EMGS requirement. The colour of the background must be pure white as per Photo Guideline No.2. Background colours that are off-white (such as cream or bone, consisting of white mixed with a tinge of grey or with a pale hue) are not acceptable. Kindly submit a new photo for i-Kad processing. Access the following link to view the acceptable photo examples:

        • that was the message, can you solve that??

          • You can edit the background color with photoshop to make it pure white or just take it to studio photo and ask them ti change the color

            • I’ve edited the background picture as white but when I used the online photo checker it says that there’s a problem with the photo color even thought it’s completely natural and unedited.

              • The online photo checker has an option to turn the background white. Do that and then submit the photo to EMGS. If that was the only thing wrong that they’re concerned about then it should be fixed, right?

                • I used the one that was edited by the online photo checker but when I uploaded that to make sure it says that the skin tone isn’t clear. Which is very weird because whenever I upload a photo with a white background it says there’s an issue with photo color but when I upload a photo with slightly grey color it gets verified.

                • when I want to check in photo checker, it’s showing exceeded maximus file size, what should I do now???

    • Just take a new one with dark clothes and white background and have the photographer give you a copy on a usb. Don’t scan a paper photo

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