• Roshan Marode posted an update 4 years ago

    @sowmya hey sowmya for which university u applied?
    Same issue is with me…

    • USM, you? Where are you from India?

    • UTP……i am from maharashtra and You?

    • Hi I am also from India ( Hyderabad) which University did You Applied ?

      • UTP…and you ? For which course?

      • update
        11 minutes ago
        Hello everyone, I am from India and I am
        thinking of connecting Indian people who are
        in mode of seeking admission to Malaysia
        and clog due to eVAL. It’s wont be an official
        debate to question and answer…just a
        platform to share one’s hurdle that would
        make other’s process hassle free. So post me
        your mobile numbers so that we will create
        WhatsApp group.
        Or if you don’t wont to let your number be
        shared with another then u suggest another solution to share the numbers with each other…..

      • Hey I’m also from Punjab, india. My application status is 32%. When do you think they will start eval process?

    • No, I haven’t received the eVAL yet. I’m from Delhi. Which city in Malaysia? My campus is in Penang

    • No, I haven’t!! What’s that? How long does it take to get that? It’s been a week since I am seeing this 32%

      • If your percentage is 32% it should be visible in visa application status just below the FAQ’s of MCO…
        And in malaysia my premises is in perak

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