• Just try going to a local clinic and ask them to do it…

    • I did the medical check up but they told me that the drug test will be done once I get to Malaysia. But my university is a public one, so I don’t know what the procedure is for private universities. All my friends who went to Malaysia also said the same thing, that they did the drug test in Malaysia. Hope this helps.

      • @Maram Yasser my uni told me that all of the test will be done again once I reach in Malaysia. But they want specific drug done in Qatar. I asked 4-5 private and public clinics including medical commission, they told me that they used to do some years back, but they don’t do it now.

        • The doctor who did my check up said that no drug tests are done in Qatar and wrote so on the medical form, abd said that the only solution is for me to do the drug test once I get to Malaysia. Make sure you talk to EMGS and inform them of your situation and that Qatar does not do drug tests, and they should know the procedure since other people who apply from Qatar encounter the same problem. I will also ask around and see if anyone knows any clinic that does the drug test, but I’m 99% no one does them here.

    • Im applying from qatar too, Did you do it in their panel Clinic? , I did it there and they gave me a letter to attach along with the medical report .. an still waiting for my institution to submit my application so am not sure if it’s okay :/ please let me know what happens with you
      All the best

      • @Eman Tabet Panel clinic? In Qatar? Did you do drug test? Yeah sure. Whens your intake?

        • I had the same issue in ksa
          If you go to Ministry of health clinics they will do it for you
          Its usually where people go and apply for jobs and stuff

        • Yeah panel clinic here, Its in Wakra.. some private clinic they emgs is contracted with .. they gave me the letter that says drug tests aren’t done as per the law of the country

    • I applied from Qatar, the guy who applied for me told me that u don’t need to make a medical checkup in Qatar. Tell the guy who applied for u if it’s possible for him not to let u make a medical check up in Qatar, they do something idk what is it. But yh there is something that they do that will not let u do the medical checkup in Qatar only when u arrive Malaysia.

      • That’s weird, I am applying from KSA and they didn’t ask me to do any check up here, just they send me a declaration form to sign stating that I don’t have any of the diseases they mention nor I am on any drugs,and my VAL is already approved (60%). You should know that I am applying for a public university, not sure about private ones.

    • Hey everybody in Qatar.

      Today, I have reached 60% and it has been approved.

      Regarding the medical test (Drug Test), I went to more than 5 hospitals non of them is authorized to do the drug test. At the end I went to (مستشفى مدينة خليفه) head of the doctors said that the only way for you to do this test you need a police report, so in the drug part he wrote not available with hamed hospital stamp and it worked with the EMGS.

      I wish all of you the best

    • u have to do from emgs approved clinic KIMS medical center wakrah

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