• Bro where are you from?
      You need these:
      1. Passport with SEV
      2. VAL
      3. Pre-arrival medical report(For BD, India & Sri Lanka)
      4. Offer Letter
      5. Payment receipt (optional)

      • I am from India. Thank you brother.

      • Are u sure about 3 (pre arrival medical check up)? As far i know its related with VAL ..when VAL is approved then there is no necessity of pre arrival medical check up (if u done at emgs registered
        clinics) u hv to do another medical check up after arrival..u experienced to show these at immigration or just u hv heard?

        • I think I want to show only VAL,SEV,OFFER LETTER . I think we have to do medical check up after arrival. And also I didn’t understand about 5 (payment receipt ).do u heard about it?

          • In the emgs website it is clearly stated that the national of Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka must do the pre arrival medical checkup on registered clinics. Registered clinics list is given there also. Please go to the website and check out. About the 5th point, i don’t know surely but immigration officials may want to see your personal bond and insurance coverage for clearance, unless you don’t have the payment receipt you cannot claim about clearing those issues.

        • From emgs website:
          At the immigration counter
          You will be required to present the following documents to the immigration officer:

          Original passport

          Visa Approval Letter

          Original Offer letter from your education Institution in Malaysia

          Your institution’s representative will usually be at the immigration check point to receive and attend to you. After the immigration clearance, the representative will be responsible to transfer you to the educational institution to report your arrival. Please make sure you have notified your institution of your arrival dates.

          If you are coming from a country which is considered to be at a high risk of yellow fever, you will be required to obtain the necessary inoculations before coming to Malaysia. You will be asked to provide your yellow fever vaccination booklet/card before you can clear Immigration at the point of entry.

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