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    Active 6 months, 3 weeks ago
    - "Any one from IIUM? please help me"View
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    Active 8 months, 2 weeks ago
    - "Hi is here anyone from algeria ?"View
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    Active 9 months, 1 week ago
    - "I want to double check if a Mali citizen needs a SEV or can fly to Msia and get Visa On Arrival ?"View
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    - "Alhmdllah I have received my EVAL today and I hope you guys will also received yours on time, wish you all the best"View
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    - "Good morning to you all I have received my eVAL, I am from Yemen, which I don’t need SEV… what should I do now? Can I travel anytime or should I arrange my trip to be satisfied with my university ? I am mas […]"View
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    - "Greetings everyone. I have applied for my SEV and I am required to submit my personal bank statement. 1. Does it necessarily have to be a bank statement bearing my name? Or can I use my sponsor’s bank statement. […]"View
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    - "Hi all My eVAL still currently 35% almost 21 days..How long will it takes to get the eVAL."View
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    Active 1 year, 4 months ago
    - "@abdullah1407 I am writting to inquire application VAL, it has been 35% on 5th January 2023 and I have not gotten it yet , What I have to do ? Do you advice me send email to EMGS?"View
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    - "Hiya How many days prior do i need to start the process of renewing my visa and"View
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    - "How long does it take 35%-70%"View
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    - "Hello everyone"View
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    - "السلام عليكم Hello everyone , how long will it take from 15% to next phase?"View
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    - "Friends, has anyone had the experience of applying for an appeal to issue an eval? How long does it take ?"View
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    - "Hi everyone I had an issue with EVal. Actually, I have my bachelor’s from Malaysia and I exit the country on 7 March 2020 after than covid happened our university told us it completes our degree from home. And I […]"View
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    - "Hello everyone, I stopped in 32% since 3 January I took about two weeks until now , could you please tell me how long it will takes to reach the eVAL pass to travel ?"View
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    - "@abdullah1407 please contact me when you get free 03369450258"View
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