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    - "Good day EMGS Please I have an enquiry regarding my former college I applied for renewal and I made the necessary payments of 3100RM then for my application then along the line the college had issues that led to […]"View
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    - "How long does it take to process for SEV and get the passport in hand, for bangladeshi’s"View
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    - "Emgs have updated the SOP. They allow all international students"View
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    - "Hello EMGS, I am currently outside Malaysia and my visa is nearing to the expiry date. I still need to get my final graduation results from my institute and the personal deposit. What happens to them if my visa […]"View
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    - "@arselan where u live in India."View
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    - "Hiii ,my name is venkat i am from india . My VAL was approved.but what is D system"View
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    - "Am from India going to UPM. Anyone from India?"View
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    - "Can I apply for VAL from inside Malaysia ? , if I did what is the next step after VAL from inside Malaysia ? , I’m planning to go there and apply when I receive the offer letter is it okey ?"View
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    - "Dear EMGS I would like to thanks to you for your kind support and help and your quick response on every quiry.. my VAL was approved and now it is available to download thanks alot for your quick response on every quiry."View
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    - "@wardab Dear EMGS Officer, I have joined my university for summer internship, now for extension of my visa that is student pass they have asked me to take health checkup and insurance to submit to emgs for […]"View