• The regulations say ‘recently infected. The proof is an AG blood test proving that the person has a large number of covid antibodies.

      • This is what I found. Does RTK AG means blood test for antibodies?

        “ b) Provide proof indicating that the traveler had been infected with COVID-19 eleven (11) to sixty (60) days prior to their departure to Malaysia. The proof can be presented either in physical or digital format.

        c) Travelers who have a history of being hospitalised for COVID-19 infection should submit a “Fit to Travel” letter from a medical practitioner of the hospital.

        d) Travelers undergoing isolation at their own homes or hotel for COVID-19 infection but were not warded in hospitals would need to have professional RTK Ag screening two (2) days before leaving for Malaysia. Only individuals with negative results would be allowed to continue their journey.”

    • a friend of mine brought her positive test results as well as negative PCR for them to check. All she did was a rapid test at the airport and didn’t need quarantine

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