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    - "Dear officer, Please approve my Pre-Entry Checklist. Thanks & have a great evening."View
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    - "Hello EMGS, I am currently in my home country and holds a valid student pass. I am currently in year 3 of my Bachelors degree. I want to travel back to Malaysia as soon as possible because my student pass is about […]"View
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    - "Hi All, I hope you are well. I’m supposed to be in Malaysia, Kuala Terranganu on August 24 to register at UNISZA University. Should I book a hotel room or there is a student residence where I can stay?"View
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    - "@abdul_15 Hey bro i will be at UTM JB by the start of sept. You can contact @923062016841 would be please to talk to you."View
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    - " #Clasico #RealMadrid #FCBarcelone #Barcelona #SuperCup2017"View
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    - "Finally received VAL after correction. Thank God Good luck to those awaiting correction and don’t lose hope."View
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    - "How many days have to appeal after the application is reject? Please reply me anyone. Thanks all"View
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    - "With God’s grace, I will be leaving for Malaysia tomorrow… UTM-Masters in Electrical Engineering.. Thanks everyone for your love and support"View
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    - "HI Guys. I have already got my VAL And my studying start on October! So can I travel to Malaysia in September for example ? The question is the VAL valid or not ? Because they said it’s valid for six months ? […]"View
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    - "My val is rejected anyone there can help me out to get it approved?"View
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    - "السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ، وصلت النسبة لدي إلى 70℅ وعندما طلبت من وكيلي في ماليزيا تحصيل ورقة المرور قال انه يجب ان تصل الى 80℅ وانا اظن انه مخطأ في هذا لأن لما قرأت في موقع امغس انه 80℅ فقط لما ينتهي […]"View
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    - "Hallo my new friends… Have a nice afternoon…"View