• 4700rm quarantine fee + 250rm PCR test on arrival + 60rm antibody test on the 13th day of your quarantine = 5010rm

      • What is this this is disgusting rubbish 5000rm for students.this is totally burden for us.There is no considerations for students.Govt don’t like this to us.

        • It is and you haven’t add your daily living transportation fees, accommodation, tuition fees and many more yet

          Hopefully they will change their mind and understand our struggle with financial. They’re not the only one who struggles with economy also

    • We are not a businessman.this decision is not perfect.They never understand the situation of any students.World any country understand students situations.Malasian govt why never understand this.There economy is down right so they take money from students?Every student have financial right now.They empose their rules by increase charge.Thats the violation of human Rights.Around the word students have facilities but in this country there is no sampathay for students.Now I think why I did admitted in Malaysia.This is my wrong decision I think so.In Malaysia there is no per time work permit also for students.

      • I know and completely understand your feelings & frustrations, but there’s nothing we can do much with our situation right now

        Believe me, I am too feeling the same thing and frustration with you, but seriously let’s just pray and have hope that they will change their mind soon, cause that is the only thing we can do at the moment.

        We have been trying out our best to ask them to change their minds, and let them know about our struggle situations. And that’s what matters the most. We tried and keeps doing so.

        After all, they always change their mind in daily basis and know that this decisions won’t last forever. Now, the rest of all decisions are with malaysia government, so let’s just see and wait yeah

    • Hi Md Yasin,

      The total charges for quarantine + the Covid-19 tests = RM5,010.00.

      Have a nice day.

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