• Hello Muddi. Nothing in the home quarantine guidelines refers to rejection based on nationality, except for some nationalities that are not allowed even to enter the country for omicron reasons. As such, a home quarantine application would be rejected for illegibility or missing documents. Our colleagues have given us an important tip in previous post saying clearly: fill in the application very carefully and submit all required documents to avoid rejection.

      However, still there are two points to consider. First, endorsement of a home quarantine plan is at the sole discretion of the Ministry of Health. As we read in the guidelines, we come to realize that MoH officers assess an application not only based on the information you provide but also on risk factors related the place where home quarantine is intended to be. Second, the MoH does not make a decision for all applications in the same manner. Rather, it considers the merit of applications on a case-to-case basis. Two same apications might render different outcomes accordingly.

      If you heard about cases that were frequently rejected, then the first thing that comes to my mind is that either their applications missed important details or that the MoH risk factos were assessed to be high in their cases.

      • I am only my self traveling . My own apartment no one else sharing it with me .

        I would get rejected application right ?

        • If you are living in an apartment alone and you have the lease contract in your name, I cannot reasonably think there is chance for rejection. However, it is up to the Ministry of Health. The only thing you can do is to fill in the application will all details indicating that no other person lives at that apartment except you. As our colleagues mentioned, we need to be extra careful when submitting the application to avoid underisred outcomes. Wish you all the best and please keep us posted on your progress towards the home quarantine outcome.

        • Insha Allah they will approve your application, if you submit al the required documents and fill the correct details, my brother came last week from Saudi and got approved, so no need to worry

          • Dear hassan
            how your brother apply and get approval to travel.
            i woukd like to apply for my family.

            • My brother is a student here, I think you misunderstood but no worries, you will be able to apply for your family once you reach here

        • Hello again Muddi
          Let me explain the situation. The issue is not at all related to nationality but what alarmed the MoH is that many people coming from Umrah failed to comply with home quarantine. The fact that many people who came from Umrah tested negative before travel from Saudia then tested positive in Malaysia was a grave concern for MoH. Because of this, Saudia is classified as a high risk country. However, the ministry clarified that the problem was that a person coming back to Malaysia from Saudia would mingle with family at the same dwelling. This is an additional concern that prompted authorities to require the use of digital bracelets.

          This being said, since you live alone at your residence, you still have a good chance of acceptance. Remember, MoH decides on home quarantine on a case-to-case basis unless the authorities expressly decide that all comers from Saudia will have to go through institutional quarantine. At any rate, booking institutional quarantine takes seconds only. So, give it a try and apply for home quarantine indicating very clearly that you will be alone at home with nobody at all other than you.

          Good luck

    • as far new circular, Saudi arab also included in mandatory Hotel Quarantine list. So there is very high chance to reject your HQ application.

    • Hi,

      Please be informed that you are required to refer to the relevant authorities for further clarification.

      Thank you

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