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    - "Finallyy 70%!! I’m so happy… but, what should i do now?"View
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    - "How many days have to appeal after the application is reject? Please reply me anyone. Thanks all"View
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    - "Hi. My status has changed to 70% last night, it’s on 80% now. But I haven’t receive any VAL from my uni (they’ll send it by email right?) Is this normal? Should I still wait? Thanks in advance."View
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    - "Anyone go to UUM on 27th August for Sept intake?"View
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    - "@sha hi how r u ? Where from u ?"View
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    - "60% VAL filing … how much longer does it take to reach 70%…please helep me friend"View
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    - "@rafiqa wkwk iya juga sih malah spam di post orang 😀 minggu kmren sempat pending disuruh submit nilai sama emgs udah progress sih tp masih 15%"View