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    - "Is there anyone going to uitm? I want to ask him, how to deal with request about provide accommodations dress for phd research mode before have his eval approval ?? How we can know arrival date?"View
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    - "Hi can anyone advise me as to how to apply online for quarantine through, and onward payment? My flight is due in little above a week and I still couldn’t find a way out to settle […]"View
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    - "Dear Sir/Madam, My previous application has the status VAL Expired and is 100% shown in the EMGS system. I received a new offer letter from a different university. Now I wish to submit an application for a new […]"View
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    - "Assalamualaikum Dear sir I would like to ask you that for new international students Qurantine need or no from Pakistan"View
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    - "Dear Altruist, Assalamu’alaikum! My actual name is “Jalal Uddin Md Akbar”. But, EMGS shows me my name as ” MD Akbar Jalal Uddin” I have mailed to EMGS to make an amendment! Thy replied and said that, “Please […]"View
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    - "What should I do if my special pass expired before I get the student pass? Can I extend it? And if I can how long it usually take to extend my special pass?"View