• You need rt pcr, sev, eval, ta, vaccine certificate, quarantine receipt, boarding pass and passport

    • Here is the information as I experienced it as an old student coming to Malaysia two weeks ago. Things might be different for students on home quarantine.

      1. Get copies of your travel authorisation or val or whatever document you got depending on whether you are a new or old student.
      2. Get copies ready for your vaccination certificates.
      3. Install mysejahtera application and upload the vaccination certificate. It will take around two days to be certified and accepted by the application.
      4. Get ready your university offer letter if you are a new student.
      5. Since you are going to use your phone at Kuala Lumpur Airport, ensure you have a good powerbank to charge your phone if the battery is drained upon your arrival.
      6. Get ready your paper showing you have paid for the hotel quarantine. This will be stamped by the authorities at the airport.
      7. Book your flight and get the pcr test 76 hours maximum before arrival.
      8. Travel to Kuala Lumpur airport. Keep the boarding pass with you. They ask for it to document the seat number.
      9. After unboarding the plane, connect your phone to the free wifi at thr airport. you need to scan a QR code. This will direct you to an application that you need to fill in. Make sure your vaccination certificate is in your phone in case you needed to upload it.
      10. Open the mysajehtera application and keep it open for inspection.
      11. Proceed to the queue. Staff will inspect the application.
      12. You will be directed to the place where pcr is administered. They were in my case highly professional and thr needle was never painful. Too fast and smooth 🙂
      13. Submit your quarantine papers and get them signed. In the process somewhere you will need to provide them with a Malaysian mobile phone. So, make sure you get the mobile phone nunber of a friend or the hotel.
      14. Get your passport stamped. You will now wait for the staff to arrange for your transportation.
      15. An officer will escort you to the luggage claim hall then drop you by the taxi.
      16. You will be sent to the hotel and you will stay there for 7 days.
      17. Everyday, you will receive a notification from mysejahtera app to update them on your overall health.
      18..On Day 5, they call you for the second PCR test.
      19. On day 8, you are discharged and the staff remove the plastic bracelet from your wrist.

      That is all that happened to me. If you are on home quarantine, some points might be different. Good luck!

      • thank you for your brief explanation…now how to upload my vaccination card detals on mysejahtera app ….i have searched it but i could’nt find anywhere.

        • Follow these steps
          Kindly ensure the IC/PASSPORT in the MySJ application matches the IC/Passport in the vaccine card.

          If you have any issues with your vaccination status not being updated on your MySejahtera, please follow the below steps to access the interactive helpdesk for further actions:

          • Login to your MySejahtera app
          • “Close” on the check-in page
          • At the home page, click on the “HELPDESK” icon (top right-hand corner at home page)
          • Click on “START”
          • Select N or last option I have been fully vaccinated (something like this)
          • Fill in your current details and click next
          • Select the dose(s) that need to be updated and click next
          • Fill in your vaccination details and click next
          • Upload your vaccination card, then submit

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      Please be informed that you may refer to the following link to guide you further with your request.

      Thank you

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