• Syifa posted an update 5 months ago

    Dear @EMGS,
    I have submitted the additional documents and it has been processed and the status is still 15%, how long will it take to update my status? Because it is almost enrollment time. Please kindly update my status so i will not be late, thank you. My passport number is E3361780 indonesia

    • chai replied 5 months ago

      hi syifa, do u send the document to emgs or ur uni? because it took longer time if u send the document to ur uni

      • I send it to emgs and it’s been processed, the status is already green again but i need it to be updated faster so i won’t be late for my uni enrollment time 😅

        • chai replied 5 months ago

          maybe u can try to call emgs, i had ur problem too. after i call emgs, they give me emgs approval letter

          • How long did it take for ur emgs from 15% to 70? Thank you so much by the way

            • chai replied 5 months ago

              mine still 35% :(( i think every person has different time, like they process it randomly

              • When did u apply for emgs?

                • chai replied 5 months ago

                  last month, but they started the process on 6/9. btw i saw ur application and u already get the emgs approval letter

                  • Wait where did u see it? i still haven’t got the eVAL my application is still 15%, thank you bu the way chai!

                • chai replied 5 months ago

                  on the website, its emgs approval letter by the way not eval, it took around 10s days to get eVAL after u get the emgs approval letter

                  • Aahh i see, i just opened it i hope the process will be fast for both of us

    • Hi Syifa,

      Please be informed that your application is pending for additional documents from the Institution which required to process your application and a notification has been sent to your institution regarding this. Therefore, kindly refer to the Institution for further clarification on this matter.

      Have a nice day.

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