• Afolayan Beckky posted an update 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    @ifrah_1 thank you so much for your reply..I really appreciate… but on the EMGS ask for estimated arrival date and time..can I just put any date and time that’s is closer to my travel date…

    • Yes

      • @ifrah_1 hi are you from Pakistan? I want to know about dependents and home quarantine. New Doctoral student.

        • Yes I am from Pakistan. No idea about dependent. Home quarantine yes we can apply. I got approval for home quarantine today

          • Hi, How long it takes to get home quarantine approval?

            • I got it within few hours. But max it takes 3 working days

              • @ifrah.. As u got approval for home quarantine so just want to know if u have the tenancy agreement or any such documents that u got appoval? I have tenancy agreement that has been expired in June 2021 but the apartment still belongs to me n i have rented out one of the room while i still have the master room having attach bathroom. Want to know if ur agreement is still functional or expired

                • I didn’t upload any such things, only passport vaccination certificate and travel authorisation letter. I just filled in the form for place’s address and about people and rooms in the house. Nothing else is required. The place where I would be staying is not under my name and they didn’t ask for it

          • Right. Are you a new student?
            I have a place of stay in Malaysia. Its on someone’s else name. Can I also apply for home quarantine?

            • I am not a new student but they do not ask for the names and all. You just need to go to the portal and fill in the information it doesn’t matter who owns the place

          • Kindly guide the requirements for home quarantine. Like flat, independent home, university hostel solo room?

            • Go to MOH e portal all the information is there. But approval is subject to their assessment. My place of quarantine is currently empty and I would be only one in the house so I got it approved immediately

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