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    Active 2 weeks, 1 day ago
    - "Dear officer, My application is 15% from 20 June. Kindly check my application. My passport number is EJ0001474"View
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    Active 2 weeks, 6 days ago
    - "Hello Anyone guide me please that I got Evisa but my name Muhammad Hamza Bilal , and when I download my Evisa online, so on my Evisa my name spelling Muhmmad Hamza Bilal, mean missing of A at Muhammad. So it is […]"View
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    - "Does Universiti Malaya offers Late registration…..???? If yes…. what’s the procedure….."View
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    - "Hello, I want ask about the insurance. Emgs is offering insurance of 3 companies. However, the maximum outpatient GP is RM 1250 per year. I need the RM 5000 cover per year. I previously had that insurance. Please […]"View
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    - "Any one from IIUM? please help me"View
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    - "@awsa which uni??? as the immigration will take 7 days at max"View
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    - "Autogate means fast lane?"View
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    - "Hi all My VAL at 15% and it shows this issue what I have to do now if anyone know kindly help me and thanks “1) The institute or student is required to submit a copy of the Official Academic Transcript(s) for the […]"View
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    - "Is anyone here from UTAR ?"View