• Dhawan Shohan posted an update 4 years, 4 months ago

    @md-enamul Today I download my VAL,but have some problem.
    When I submitted my application I can’t realize my father name are can’t same in my passport & certificates. When my Val got 15% they informed me. Then I talk them to take certificate. Then I submit passport reissue for change my father name. So this Val and my old& new passport face any problems to get Visa or Ambassy?

    • Dhawan, Good day buddy. I am not sure about your home country. However, what I could learn over 5 months reading the comments at this website, my general understanding is that you should take immediate action to solve this issue. A long delay may cause permanent rejection of your VAL application. If you are from Bangladesh than my suggestion will be as soon as possible you should apply to change your father’s name in passport. Please do remember that you will get a new passport. Once you receive that please send the scanned copy to your college / university so that they can make necessary appeal for you. I hope this will satisfy your enquiry. should you need any info pls contact me. regards. Lt Col Enam

      • @Md Enamul hello sir i think you gonna through rejection process, my VAL is rejected at 09/01/2018 but i don’t know valid reason for rejection can you help me with knowing which kind of reasons valid to apply for appeal?


        • Hi Deep, none but only your college / university will know the exact reason of your VAL rejection reason. You should contact your college / university to get it know and send them the required document/s. Your university will appeal on behalf of you and I hope you will get your VAL. Regards.

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