• No reason they just said that they will notify my institution when the rejected letter is ready

    • Yes this is my first time and even going to the school with private scholarship. Please so can i apply again after the reasons is given and am I going to pay money again and how much will it cost?

    • So if they told me to apply again am i going to pay 3500RM again? My institution is Manissa college

      • As far as I come to know Main reasons of rejection are
        1.Validity of Passport is less than 18 Months.
        2.At the time of application you are in Malaysia.
        3.Your documents are not verified from the required Institute in your home country.
        4. You transfered to Other Institute and not submitted release letter of previous Institute.

        • Please my passport have 4years validity it will expire in September 2021.
          Am not in Malaysia and am in my country Ghana.
          The document are presented is intact no fake even my scholarship sponsors are from europe and developing my document before presenting to the malaysian immigration and using the verify my document before giving me the scholarship so I don’t know what the malaysian immigration want to tell me they want to tell me that my documents can be use in europe but cannot be used in malaysia i don’t understand them
          I don’t understand the reason number 4 because I sent all my documents to my instruction and i my payment was done to my institution and they sent to all the instructions before getting to the immigration department

        • Ok you need to wait then to get detail from your institute. Your Institute will appeal against the rejection reason on your behalf and may ask you to provide some additional document. No you don’t need to pay their fee again. Just wait.

    • Okay then it means that after the reasons from the immigration it means that i can appeal and collect the reasons please can i do it in that way?

    • Yes they said they will contact the immigration department next week to know the reason and know what to do. So can i get approved if we appeal after the reasons is given and collected?

    • Did you provide yellow fever clereance/vaccination Certificate? It is required for students from some countries, Ghana is among them.

      • Yes I did but it was not the national yellow fever card it was the yellow card given after the vaccination but i asked my institution before giving it to them and they said i should give them the yellow card which was given to me after the vaccination? Please can that one be a reason?

        • Before getting final answer from your Institute, we can just make guess. So, it might be the reason. So wait for your Institute to respond you.

          • Okay thanks but please have long do you think it will take the immigration department to send the reasons to my institution so that i can take it from there?

    • so please did you appeal or you pay money to apply again? And please did you contact WAEC or how did they find out from them this time?

    • Okay but please how long did it take you to get the reason from the immigration when the application was rejected?

    • Hello please i have send you message on whatsapp please can we chat there

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