• I am waiting almost two months and get final reject

      • Oh sorry. But please what was the reason why you’re applicantion was rejected before making the appeal

    • Sanau replied 5 years ago

      Weeeks, months! Stay strong!

    • Thank you. Please were you approved

    • I have the same case, appeal for renewal passport because the last one has one year expired, so I need to renewal. But still stuck same on 50% until now. How about your case? What’s your reason to appeal?

      • I was rejected on the basis that not serious to study because the gap between the year completing shs and now it’s long so the immigration thing i’m a used the study visa to work at malaysia so I have to prove to them that if I get study visa I will not use you to work so I have appeal on that because I’m going with international scholarship

        • when you get rejection reason after notification of VAL rejection? i mean span between rejection notification and rejection reason?

        • Aaahhh..I see what you mean. What is your notification right now? Mine still stuck on 50% and the date changes from 20 dec 2017 to 16 jan 2018 but it still the same said still appeal to the malaysia immigration. So now, have you received the rejection from immigration or still waiting?

          • Please i have submitted my appeal to the immigration. Is still at 50%. Am still waiting for approval from the immigration. And I know that my appeal will not be rejected i believe in my God. Even if is rejected my God still a lives. And God is in control of my appeal

            • From what date your appeal process? For mine it started from 20 dec 2017..but right now the date change to 17 jan 2018 but the info still same. It said my val appeal has been to immigration malaysia. How about you? What date thw last one? I believe also God will do the rest

              • It was processed to the immigration on 7th December

                • Did your status already change into currently date like me? For mine, it changed from 20 dec 2017 to be 17 jan 2018. Do you also have the same like me? Or it only still say on 7th dec?

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