• Did they mention how long will it take to process the visas for the new international students?

    • It’s barely an update. They very specifically haven’t mentioned how long it’ll take for evals to be issued, or if there’s been any internal change to how existing applications are being processed. Not much use telling us about the SOP when for all we know we could still be stuck until March. Or August. Or January 2022.

      • @SJ Its better to stfu and don’t spread your negativity when your reading comprehension is low. Obviously changes for eval applications are mentioned for institutions

        • Until they outright say “yes, immigration has resumed issuing evals”, our situation remains unchanged. Announcements of new bureaucratic procedures are worthless without details of when they’ll actually become relevant to us.

          If EMGS had any confidence in students being able to return in the near future, they’d say so. They’re aware of how long we’ve been waiting, and how crucial it is for us to know when things are going to start moving again. The absence of any information to that effect is deliberate: they have no idea.

          • Whatever man. This case is similar to your post above. Believe whatever you want to believe. Just keep your utopian criteria of how the letter should be written to yourself, read the room ffs. If, as you say, “emgs have no idea” then you even have much less idea than them the possibility of things

            • I’m not suggesting I have more knowledge than EMGS. The whole problem here is that none of us do. My point is that their bulletin is of very little use as long as it doesn’t clarify *when* we will be able to return, and I don’t think people should be satisfied until they let us know what’s going on with visa processing.

              We deserve an update, not a checklist we can’t do anything with as long as we’re still stuck in limbo.

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