• salma aulia posted an update 6 years, 5 months ago

    @fahad_1 how long it took to get VAL?

    • I just applied it today

    • 3 september. Do you think it is ok if until now i still dont have a val?

      • @salma aulia, 3 weeks. You have time don’t worry. For which program are you going at UTM?

      • I am going at UTM. May I ask a question, please. I’ve recently applied for the Val and my application percentage is 5 percent, the remark written is: pending the submission of documents by your institution. Are these documents the same ones I applied with for UTM since I’ve already sent the documents by dhl to UTM (when I applied), so does this mean that I don’t need to resend any documents to UTM now (for the Val) ? Thank you very much.

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