• Sanif Mohsin Rehman Khan posted an update 2 years, 1 month ago

    @ifrah_1 Hey Ifrah, wanted to know about the HQA you got. I have a flat there that is on rent, do they come and check the flat if its upto their standard, and what all details you need to put for in terms of address, and is a flat ok ? Does it matter if you travel from a certain country or something, like i am an Indian travelling from Oman

    • They don’t go to place to check the house. I don’t know if they might do visit later to check if the information we filled in while applying was correct or not. I am just heading to my address after getting clearance from Immigration. To apply for home quarantine you only need your passport, approval letter and vaccination certificate. Indians are allowed to travel and oman is also not I the list of countries under restrictions so shouldn’t be a problem.

      • @ifrah_1 did you travel from Oman? Being an Indian? Cuz my situation is the same.. I’m an indian but I reside in Oman. So I would like to talk more about the situation since it’s the same for both of us. Let me know if you have discord or any other social media where we can talk more freely

      • Thanks so much @ifrah_1, I do have a residence but i dont have it under my name, I will apply for it, but EMGS has been denying saying that they didnt get any update from MOH regarding students applying for HQA, But thanks for the clarification. Hope you have reached safely 🙂

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