• 30-70 percent is to get VAL probably in 7 working days. The rest is the endorsement of student pass takes 14 working days to 1 month.

      • yo but my session starts jan 15, you think i can catch it!?

        • Im not sure cos depends on your applications if there is no need for additional documents then i think its can but a bit tight to get the VAL cos we got new year and christmas holiday and they dont work that time. And if u need to obtain SEV then its additional week. Maybe you will miss 1 or 2 weeks of orientation week but that should be okay i guess. At least not whole momth of semester.

      • @julia_7 30% to 70% is not to obtain VAL. The VAL approval process is from 35% to 70%.

    • I’m going to KDU also , KDU Penang

    • Hi Wasif,

      We are glad to assist you with your enquiry. However, in order to get all the details of your application, we would need to retrieve your record. To keep your details private and confidential please email us your full name and passport number at enquiry(at) and we will help you out.

      Have a nice day.

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