Don’t leave home without them: 6 things to carry with you

So, we have suggested various places for you to visit in Malaysia and I am here to provide additional tips as you prepare for your travels, be it to the tourist site or even to any other places in Malaysia. As a foreigner, it is a mandate to carry with you 6 essentials things as you travel within the borders. Taking these precautions will prevent you from getting into trouble with law officials and can also be beneficial to you as an individual. So, what are these 6 essential things you need to carry with you?

1. iKad

As a foreign student in Malaysia it is a requirement that you walk around with your iKad for identification purposes. The iKad will list your name, institution name and the validity of your student visa among others. The iKad is applied from EMGS through your respective institution. You can display this card to the law officials if they ask for your ID.

2. Money

‘There is nothing funny or lovable about being cheap. It’s a total turn-off” (Doug Coupland). Surely no-one likes a cheap person. Don’t be that person who is always on the receiving end: always getting other people to pay for your meals, cab fare, etc. Be responsible enough to carry with you a substantial amount of money for your trip. It is ideal to budget your finances before your trip, and to carry some extra money in case of emergency. Now that I have told you, no more excuses about having forgotten your wallet.

3. Copy of emergency contact details

I know with the evolution of technology we all store our contacts’ details in our mobile phones or tablets. But bear in mind that the gadget runs on battery life. So what will happen if you suddenly run out of battery and you need to contact someone listed in the switched off device? Forget the directory cause you aren’t going find one lying somewhere. It is ideal to have the list of your emergency contacts written down somewhere and stashed in your wallet or purse. That way if you run out of battery you can still retrieve the emergency contacts and still reach out to them through the public phone booth or borrowing someone’s phone (Just don’t creep them out!)

4. Passport Copy

This one is a must. It is advisable that you make a copy of your Passport details page and the page with your Student Pass if you do not want to walk around with your original Passport. This copy can be used for identification purposes upon request by law officials. However, the copy does not replace the requirement for your original Passport for the purpose of banking transactions or receiving money through Western Union or Money Gram.

5. Medical Card

In case of emergency you are required to have your medical card with you. Make sure you have your valid medical card in your wallet or purse always.

6. Mobile Phone

The list would be incomplete if I do not include mobile phones as an essential item to carry with you. After all, how else are you going to take those selfies, or capture those priceless moments. For game freaks, their mobile phone is a must so they can keep themselves entertained whilst travelling: (So antisocial) But the most important of all is that you need your mobile phone to reach out to your contacts in case of emergency. Let’s not forget the need for a phone to book a cab in case you get lost in the city or miss the last bus home: trust me you will need this someday.

So now that we have gotten that out of the way we are ready to go out without having to worry about anything. If I run into you at the mall, I’ll do a spot check for the list above. Don’t be found wanting (LOL).

  1. Benjamin Ezulike 7 years ago

    Absolutely true and helpful tips

  2. Mahjouba Hadramy 7 years ago

    And an umbrella 😊

  3. Arobi Mohammad 7 years ago

    Really helpful tips, I’m just appreciating this ideas.

  4. Mahboobi 7 years ago

    Absolutely helpful tips I will do it.

  5. Faried Ahmad 6 years ago

    Hehehehe great idea’s. Umbrella is not bad idea. But how can I come to Malaysia any one help me please.
    Mohammad farid shahabi. Kabul Afghanistan.

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