Looking for a Scholarship?

One of the things many students will be looking for is scholarship opportunities. Most scholarships that are available are for Post Graduate Research study at Masters or Phd level.

University Scholarships & Research Assistantships

University Scholarships

The first place you will want to look is to check with the Universities that you are applying to. Go through their website and see what scholarships are available. For some post graduate or research streams, there may be scholarships assigned. At times, applying for these programs make you automatically eligible for a scholarship. Scholarships are either a full or partial funding. So make sure you do your research and check out a number of different universities. Funding may cover tuition fees or may extend to students’ allowances as well.

Research Assistantships

Students can subsidise their tuition fees by assisting with teaching and research at the university. This assistantship may require an adherence to office hours while assisting senior staff with their research or being placed on a teaching schedule. This can impact the time spent on the Phd Program so you need to determine whether you can juggle between studying and working. The benefit is that your tuition fees will be subsidised and you’ll learn a lot from the more experienced academic staff. You will be exposed to research projects that are currently underway and this can help you structure your own research too.

Government Scholarships

The Malaysian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)

If you are from a Commonwealth country, this opportunity is for you. This scholarship is for Post Graduate Study and you will need a good academic results in a Master’s degree that is aligned to your Phd interests.

The Malaysia International Scholarship (MIS)

This scholarship is meant to attract the best student brains internationally to selected Malaysian universities. The areas of study specialisation are as follows; agriculture and fisheries, biotechnology, biosecurity and food safety, economics and Islamic finance, environmental studies, health (excluding nursing, medicine and clinical pharmacy), infrastructure and utility, Information & Communication Technology, science and engineering

For both these scholarship, the sponsorship is generous, covering; Air tickets from recipient’s capital city to Malaysia, approved tuition fees, monthly maintenance allowance, annual grant for books and internal travel, medical / health insurance, installation and termination grant, thesis allowance, visa.

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  1. Nik Zainab 7 years ago

    I needed an information like this, this was very much useful.

  2. Vinod Kumar 7 years ago

    good article but i wonder if I can actually get a scholarship in my UNI…:(

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