MATTA Fair – Now everyone can travel!

Cheap here cheap there, everywhere cheap-cheap!

Should I go domestic or international? Well, how about both?!

Matta Fair

Yes that’s exactly what I did at Matta Fair 2017 without burning a hole in my pockets! This year the Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents (MATTA) held the fair at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) in Kuala Lumpur from 17th March to 19th March 2017. The event was held from 10am till 9pm with an entrance fee of RM4 per adult. Kids below 12 go in for free! There is no better way for me to spend my weekend than to join the excitement of grabbing the best deals!

Deals are available for everywhere!

1 week before the event, I prepared a long list of travel destinations that I had in mind for the year.

So rich right?! However upon arriving at PWTC I just lost control looking at the cheap prices and places to explore this year. I had no idea where to go despite planning for a few destinations a week earlier. My advice is, do not plan. Just roll with it at the Matta Fair! You might be surprised by the cheap bargains they have for you on that day!

My advice is, do not plan. Just roll with it at the Matta Fair!

I started out with the domestic booths (hall 4) that had packages for all the states in Malaysia. Anywhere, literally, anywhere you would like to go! Be it an amusement park, or the jungle, a town, or even the most awesome Malaysian beaches. Most of the packages were so cheap that I decided to grab 2 island packages that day! A getaway to the beautiful Perhentian and Lang Tengah island.

Pulau Lang Tengah means an “Eagle resting on the middle island”. Get some rest at this island in Terrenganu.

Price Tag!

It cost me around RM800 for both islands inclusive of snorkeling with equipment, food for your entire stay and 2 way speed boat transfer. I paid 50% less than the actual price for a 3 days 2 nights stay per island. You just need to pack your bags and grab a ride to the island to enjoy your sunbathing vacation!Wait, there’s more. Since I’m such a fanatic about Malacca and the food there, I decided to book a luxury and comfort stay at Imperial Heritage Hotel Malacca. So classy, I know! The Imperial Deluxe King room cost me RM 158 per night instead of RM200 including 2 breakfasts with a toll rebate offer.

Free toll money for me to Malacca!

Pheeww! What a bargain for domestic locations. A total of 3 destinations instead of 1! Thank God I have not burned my pockets yet!

International destinations

After the domestic destinations hall I went down to the international destinations hall. “Just a quick glance of what’s happening there” I told myself. “Let’s have a peek and make our way out of this travel market that is selling like hot pancakes!” But guess what? Yep it didn’t happen as planned, again…

The “Cheap, oh so cheap” song kept on playing in my head and within 30 minutes, I was holding a package to Krabi for 4 days and 3 nights with a big fat smile on my face! The Krabi package was just RM 390 for a 4 star resort including a tipping fee and a one day tour at Krabi town. A shopaholic’s awesome deal of the day! I will just need to book a flight and I will be off to Krabi in 4 months time.

Krabi – Thailand

Bye, bye…. Malaysia!

In conclusion, 4 packages with no regrets and who knows you might also find a better deal than mine. It all depends on the hotels and destinations that you choose! Another good part of the Matta Fair deals is that most of the packages are valid for a year and you just need to pay the deposit (depending on destinations). More time to save money and plan your trips! If you love travelling, like me, never ever miss MATTA fair deals. Hope you enjoy MATTA fair as much as I do.

Happy hunting folks!


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