• officially, emgs states that;
      32%-35%: 1-2 working days
      35%-70%: 7-10 working days.
      you will get ur VAL at 70%.

      • Is this sure?

        From 32% to 70% we need two weeks?

        I don’t think so

        • if u read through certain comments, emgs has answered this a couple of times. also, the “tap here” option beside ur percentages also provides these explanations.

          however, yes. there are many whose percentages dont take that long to change. it depends on how fast the immigration & emgs works at that specific timing or if theres any factors of public holidays involved.

        • Elyssia is correct bro. I got my status from 35% to 70% after 8 days. Now, I’ll be going to Malaysia on September 14 along with my SEV and important documents.

          • hiii. just would like to know, did it take 8 working days or just 8 days for you ? bc im currently waiting for it to progress from 35% to 70% as well. 🙂 thanks for ur help in advance !!

            • The days of progression varies. For me it took 8 days from 35% to 70%. Some people gets 70% after 10-12 days. It basically, depends on the documents required by EMGS. If they asked for an additional documents then you have to wait for an additional day for the percentage to increase.

      • I am a new student, so I need it to be 35% to get paper for embassy?

    • Thx very much

    • Hi Elyssia,

      We appreciate if you could write to us via email to enquiry(at) with your passport number in order for us to check your application details and assist further.
      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Have a nice day 🙂

    • Hello can I know how many days will it take to go from 0% to 30% or above?

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