• The best way to get a good apartment is to get recommendation from colleagues, as you have asked. If you don’t receive information, you may consider booking a hotel room for a few days until you get the chance to find something suitable. Tip: Never book an apartment until you get from the landlord a video showing everything inside it, including windows, bathroom and balcony.

      It is undeertandable that apartments are much cheaper than a hotel quarantine, but also you do not want to be in an ugly apartment for an entire month. You can also try to reach out to your university’s list of certified agents who might be offereing such sevices as finding an apartment.

      • Thank you very much Mohammed Abu Rish, it’s very helpful, I think booking a hotel room might be the best option for a month

        • If you book online, get full pictures of the room and read carefully the services. The first time I came here I booked a room, which seemed nice just to discover that it did not have a window! Make sure the room has a private bathroom and that the hotel offers free wifi.

          • That’s a good point, so I have to be aware of the room situation before renting it, I appreciate your information

    • Univ 360
      Heritage residence close to mines
      South city
      Mutiara apartment
      All are at Seri Kembangan
      These are the closest to UPM that I know of. You check online for more info..

    • In serdang.. south city plaza, one south are the options.. where UPM bus come to pick and drop students..

      But be careful with room facilities which mohammed abu risha has just mentioned.
      I recommend video call will be better with the agent to show you the entire unit before finalising anything. If incase you cant view it in person.

      Good luck

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