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    - "limkokwing e Bangladeshi keu aso August/ October intake er?"View
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    - "Guys this is coming from an International student in Malaysia, I understand that you guys want to come here and start your studies but even us here are just sitting in our dorms and attending the online classes […]"View
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    - "100% completed 😀 thanks god 🙂"View
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    - "@aetisam My Val is approved. Application status is 38%. When I have to pay tuition fee?"View
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    - "Haaaii ‘^’)// I wanna ask about my Payment Im already pay my VAL But my school didnt receive the recipt So what should i don? ‘Caue i pay it to EMGS not to UIA -.-“"View
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    - "السلام عليكم ارجو المساعدة لقد تحصلت على قبول من جامعة السلطان زين العابدين .. منذ شهرين والى الأن لم احصل على الاقامه السؤال هل هي فعلا تحتاج هذا الوقت لتحصل على الاقامه والتأشيرة !؟"View
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